How Peer Idea Share Can Work for You

How Peer Idea Share Can Work for YouPeer Idea Share is committed to helping businesses share their ideas across the web in order to increase their digital presence and footprint. New and veteran business owners alike know that no matter how good their product or service is, if people cannot find it easily on the web using Google and other search engines, they are missing out on business opportunities.

Peer Idea Share is here to help you become an influential thought leader to help your business become a prominent leader on the web.


Peer Idea Share allows people to gain more exposure by sharing their business’s ideas and content on the sites we work with. This allows businesses to share their ideas in a public domain so that potential clients and customers can easily find and access their products and services. Our cutting edge strategies in conjunction with your current SEO strategies, can help to take your web presence to the next level. The more prominent you are on the web, the more traffic that has the potential to become a new business for you is going to come to your website.

Participating in Peer Share Idea can be a win-win situation for your small to large business. It is a forum for business leaders to swap industry insights, and to share ideas and valuable knowledge while simultaneously increasing their internet presence.

When you communicate your ideas with Peer Idea Share, we help to increase your website’s exposure. You tell us what you want to share with your digital community and we do the rest for you. Once we have established your company’s specific needs, we write, publish and monitor content to be shared, and make sure these shared ideas keep helping to boost your website’s profile.  

From Ad Strategies to SEO

Advertising in the United States has changed dramatically over the past century. 100 years ago, the television had not yet been invented and while print and radio advertisements were popular, the majority of small businesses and companies could not afford to use them. Instead, they had to rely on word of mouth and very local advertising, such as putting a sign up in their shop, or sending an employee (or a son or daughter, etc.) to houses and other shops to make their service or product availability known.

The television was invented for entertainment and to be a vehicle for advertisements. By the end of the 20th century, it was estimated that 98% of American households had at least one t.v. and it was a prominent form of advertising for many decades.

With the advent of the Internet and it becoming enmeshed as an integral part of most Americans’ lives, it has drastically changed the way businesses advertise themselves. As well, the whole way we advertise and what we consider an “advertisement” has changed. Even though most people do not think of Google and other search engine results as advertisements, essentially they are because they are what lead people to the businesses they are looking for based on the keywords they searched.

So even though it’s important to have an attractive and highly functional website that is easy for people to use, this alone is not going to be how Google recognizes your business as one they want to put in the top of their search results.

Peer Idea Share will help push your website’s current SEO strategies to the next level and will continue to work to keep you there so that you can focus on providing the best product or service you can to your current and potential customers.